The going-ons of starting up a company

Turns out there’s a lot of paperwork and business deals and contracts and actual thinking involved with this, so from now on I’m going to have to actually properly assign some time to actual Minecraft development until this company gets formed. As in actually turning down meetings to get some development done.

We’re speaking to a lot of interesting people, and we WILL go through the emails sent to [email protected] and reply to as many as we can! If you’re not living in sweden currently though, it’s unlikely we’re going to hire you, as we’re very much a startup and don’t really have the resources to help out with working visas or whatever else might be needed.

There will be a Friday update, though, at the very least. I didn’t get to add a lot of single player stuff last Friday because I added the first version of the server-side inventory, so I’ll get some of that stuff added. Will it be better carts? The first version of alchemy? More random content in caves? A new monster? A flyable mount? Biomes? Animal husbandry? Fishing? Diving? Who knows!? OoooOOoo!

Anyway, on to a political post…

posted 13 years ago