Day 2 - The Setup

I woke up at 3 am after getting about three and a half hours of sleep. I lingered in bed for three hours or so, but never managed to go back to sleep. Too many thoughts, too much jetlag. The sunset was very beautiful from our hotel room. At about 7 am or so, Elin and I called our family members, and we all gathered in our suite before going down to eat breakfast. And let me tell you, breakfast buffets in Vegas are pretty darn awesome.

Then I did some gambling and met some fans. So far I’m up $130, all on slot machines. My plan is to either gamble all of that winning away or stop if I happen to hit $1000. I fully expect to lose it.

Everyone from Mojang met up at noon to go through the convention center. I got lost several times over while doing so, so I don’t actually remember where anything of it was. But it sure was starting to look impressive. Someone told me that Minecraft for iOS had accidentally been released early and that it was the second most grossing app. The original plan was to reveal it as a secret thing during the opening ceremony. A bit later, it was the top grossing app.

I spend 45 minutes streaming the preparations to I would stream more during the event, but we’ve asked ign to be our exclusive streaming partner, and I don’t want to do anything they’re not ok with. If I see them, I will ask, and perhaps do some more streaming today.

We did a rehearsal press event thing, then the actual press event thing. I did a few interviews that got progressively more silly as the day went on. Most of the Yogscast interview was spent talking about Simon’s mother, and I slapped myself twice during the one with Hat Films.

Then a few of us gathered in our suite again to get some room service, and ended up ordering way too much food. The nachos were awesome. Then I called Carl and cancelled the final thing I was supposed to do that day (record some video with ) and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I heard we got a 10/10 review for Minecraft from Eurogamer.

posted 12 years ago