Three short reviews

Nintendo DS Game: Henry Hatsworth

Ok, wow. I haven’t beaten the game yet, but it’s awesome. It’s a combination game, where the top screen is an extremely well made platformer game, and the bottom screen is a puzzle game a la bejeweled. When you play on the puzzle game, the platformer game pauses. Doing well in the puzzle is required for getting rid of enemies once they’re beaten in the platformer, and it can give you benefits like extra lifes and replenishing health.

The game gets pretty difficult after a while, and it’s pretty unforgiving. That’s very good. It’s been a long time since I played a game this well designed without having it totally fail to be entertaining due to being far too easy.

Without a doubt, this is a 5/5, and you need to go buy it now.

Social Event: Barbeque With Friends

Being the third year in a row, it’s starting to become somewhat of a tradition. We had pork, an awesome potato sallad, and quite a lot of red whine. For dessert, an awesome cheesecake.

Two of the three couples there have children (and brought them to the dinner), and there was a lot of “now you’re next” jokes directed at us. Overall, it was fun, but when I was “encouraged” to hold the smallest of the children, I just felt awkward and scared. What if I dropped him? What if I threw him to the tigers?

I’d rate the experience 4/5.

Music Service: Spotify

When it first arrived, Spotify blew me away. It had almost everything, and it ran really well. I almost immediately signed up for a 100 sek/month account, and everything was awesome and great.

Then something bad happened and some labels got upset or something, and all aphex twin and similar music vanished. All the top mass market bestsellers were still there, but everything I really enjoy went away. I cancelled my account.
This kind of sucks, since spotify is a great service and they just got screwed by the record industry. Why can’t I listen to an album online that I own a legal physical copy of (imported from the UK)? How exactly does this benefit anyone.

Now that I’m on a free account, I still listen to it a lot, but it doesn’t feel the same, and the ads are just retarded. I don’t mind ads in free services, but many of the ads say stuff like “click the banner below for more information”.
WHO has the spotify client up and running in the foreground? And when you get back to the client to see the banner, it’s usually already gone away.

Used to be better. 3/5.

posted 14 years ago