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John Callaham: Don’t be a goat murderer

(I changed the title of this post to “goat murderer” to offend less)

An open letter to John Callaham:

I have never once said I don’t like closed platforms. I have quite a few of them laying around my house, and I love most of them. My Nintendo 3DS brings me headaches and remakes of good games, my PSP Go is pretty much the only one sold in the entire world, and my cable modem from Cisco brings me amazing internet access almost 98% of the time.

But my favorite device out of all of them is my PC. It’s an open platform, designed to be open, and to allow different hardware and software to all work together kinda-sorta crash free, and it’s amazing. I can install whatever OS I want on it, or even write my own if I happened to be a mad genius (I wish). I care a lot about my PC, and I want it to stay open, and will not participate in anything that would make it more closed.

For every user Microsoft convinces to use the Modern UI, they have one more user they get to choose what programs they can see. They get to certify programs and control the experience. This is great for them (and possibly arguable makes for a smoother end user experience as well, but that’s debatable if it’s good), but it places faaaaar too much power in the hands of a single entity.

This is my complaint.

Now, on to personal things.

You’ve never ever been cruel to animals as far as I know, and I find that very charming and manly. It’s one of the things I like most about you, in fact, and it would be a huge shame if you ever did something cruel to animals, but I know you won’t. So thank you for not being a goat murderer! It wouldn’t fit you at all!

Thanks for the personal attack,