The web server is overloaded!

(Scroll down for the latest updates) is getting a lot of traffic at the moment, which is nice. But it’s also getting more than it can handle, so it keeps getting slower and slower, unable to keep up with the requests. I can “fix” this by manually rebooting it every now and then, but I can’t do a proper fix at the moment because I’m in Finland for a few days.

And when I get back to Sweden, I only have one night until I leave for the USA.. :-O It will be a busy night!

I’ll try to check in on it regularly, and I will have to look into rewriting parts of the software soon, and getting a bigger server.

Edit on August 29:

I’ve rewritten part of the registration process to make it faster, but this does not fully solve the problem. I will continue to keep an eye on the server when I’m in the USA, and then work on a real fix when I get back.

The problem is that too many people are signing up for the game, and each registration is taking slightly longer to complete than the interval between how often people sign up. The system can only handle a single sign-up at a time, which causes a bottleneck.

posted 13 years ago