A brief summary of Bellevue, more to come next week.

I’ve had a great time here in Bellevue so far! The MinecraftCon 2010 thing was great, especially once the torrent of questions started slowing down, and I got a lot of nice gifts I’m trying to safely bring back to Sweden now.

I met with Valve on Wednesday and got to see their awesome (but slightly too symmetrical; I got lost!) offices. We spoke a bit about who I am and who they are and briefly about my plans for Minecraft.

Yesterday, I met with two people from Bungie and ended up having a few beers with Ondraus. He seems to be a true gamer, and we spoke about older games and the games industry and how it’s moving ahead, and about my plans for Minecraft.

I can’t tell you everything that happened and what I saw, since I don’t want to give away any secrets, so pardon me if I seem a bit secretive. But I will inform you about anything that would affect Minecraft as soon as I know anything myself. So far, nothing concrete has come up, though.
Mixing an open and honest development style with big American corporations and their NDAs is strangely exhilarating. I feel like an international businessman of mystery!

In half an hour or so, I’m going back to Valve for some final discussion, then I’m flying back to Sweden. Time to finish up packing, I guess..

posted 13 years ago