Hiring some people, getting an office, and all that!

I will get back to posting about actual Minecraft development soon, but bear with me for some more business news:

It’s Monday, the trip to Bellevue is over, and plans are slowly turning into reality. I met a lot of really interesting people over there and got a bunch of new potential business contacts, but for the immediate future I will be investing the money I’ve saved up into hiring people and starting up a proper company.

Or, rather, a close friend and I will be starting up a new company together. That company will continue to develop Minecraft. I will be the main developer, and I will keep working on it just as I have now, but there will be people supporting me, such as an artist, a web site developer and a business guy to help sort out all deals and make sure that things like the Creeper plushies actually happens.
My friend (name withheld for a while for office political reasons) will lead development of a game idea he and I have talked about for a few years. It will be developed in parallel with Minecraft, and has a fairly different style both in visuals and gameplay. Everyone working at the company will be involved in both projects to some degree.

We’ll get an actual office type of thing somewhere in Stockholm. We’ll have mandatory game playing hours every week to make sure people are a jour with the latest games (indie and otherwise), and to help build office spirit.

If you live in (or can move to) Stockholm, are good at 2D graphics (pixels, gui, illustration), play a lot of games, and want to get a new job, please email [email protected] with a work sample and a short introduction and a summary of what you’ve done before.

We’re also looking for a web developer. Ideally this person should both be able to handle the front end and the back end of web development. If you know what a “Cloud” is and can explain it to me, that’s a huge plus. ;)


If you’re worried this means I’ll spend more time on administration:

I spent way too much time already doing non-development stuff, like talking to paypal about them unlocking my account, traveling abroad, and sorting through support emails to see what bugs there are.

I will now hire a person to do all this for me, and some more people to help do the stuff I can’t do well myself (like the website, and some of the art (the armor)). I’m already getting amazing help with the sounds from C418, so I know getting help just makes me more productive. :D

posted 13 years ago