Exhausted, but happy

Last night was good. I managed to speed up rendering somewhat, add tile/face picking, tile removal, tile adding, and I moved physics handling to a separate generic parent class, added a very silly character model (see previous entry), animated it, added physics to it, and made a hundred randomly roaming mobs walk the map with proper player physics on all.

Actually, that makes me sound faster than I am. The character graphics and modelling was already done for an earlier scrapped project of mine (a GTA: China Town Wars type renderer in pure java). I realized their blocky design would fit very well in this game, and the low texture resolution means that every player can have a totally unique skin, uploaded to the the other players when he or she joins the game.

There won’t be any work done on this tonight as I’m seeing Star Trek with Elin. I heard it’s good. =)

posted 15 years ago