The eventual release, and the legal documents

Me and Jens have only two more major features we want to implement before the release in November. The plan it to stop all new development on October 18, and resume them again after the release on November 18. That will give us one month to focus on just fixing bugs, cleaning up the code, and optimizing the performance to make sure the release will be as good as possible.

Celebrating the full version with the fan is going to be an amazing experience. I am a bit nervous about it, to be honest. I’m not sure how many people are going, and I’m terrified of public speaking. I can handle one-on-one discussions or handshakes, and I can even deal with giving autographs, but when it gets too big, I just start freaking out.

Carl and Lydia have been doing an amazing job organizing it all, with plenty of help from Vu and Meeting Expectations. To keep up with the latest news there, follow Carl and Lydia on twitter, and read the Mojang blog.


In other news, we’re totally going to court over the whole Scrolls / Skyrim thing.

We are claiming one thing. They are claiming another. We’ve tried to negotiate, but we can’t reach an agreement, so we’re going to court. I’m personally very opinionated about things like these. I asked our lawyers, and apparently the documents ZeniMax submitted became public once they were filed.

So here they are: [ Click here if you have a decent torrent program installed ]

It’s in Swedish, it’s unedited, and I haven’t read it myself. Our lawyers have, though.

Speaking of lawyers, they told me that:

1.    essentially it all boils down to whether the relevant public are likely to be confused into thinking that our “Scrolls” game is connected with Bethesda or its games, taking all the circumstances into account; and
2.    apparently the “moron in a hurry” doesn’t count (

posted 12 years ago