Progress report, time for Lost

I finished a simple random level generator (it’s not very good yet), implemented support for different tile types, added particles, and added support for dynamic tiles. The first dynamic tile is the Grass tile.
Grass dies (becomes dirt) in shade, expands to neighboring dirt tiles in sunlight.

Right now you build blocks with the left mouse button and remove them with the right mouse button, and the highlight in the world shows the currenly hovered edge.
This leads to confusion, as the two mouse buttons operate on different sides of the rendered feedback, and it’s not always clear where a new tile will be placed, so instead I’m going to switch it so the right mouse button switches between place tile and remove tile.
The outline will show a transparent tile of the correct type and in the right location in create mode, and a flashing red tint in remove mode.
I’m also going to add a timer to create/remove blocks, so you have to keep the mouse button pressed for a short while. The actual time will depend on what type of block you’re interacting with.

In create/sandbox mode, changes will be instantaneous without the timer.

posted 14 years ago