Some thoughts on game modes

Creative mode

You’ve got infinite materials and build without any delay. Can be played both as singleplayer and as multi player.
You can share the maps with other players somehow. Perhaps just share the actual .level file manually?

Survival mode

Singleplayer / cooperative. You have a health bar and need to eat in order to keep healthy. You have to gather the materials you wish to use, and construction takes time. Mining through stone is slower than through dirt.
Monsters, animals, play on levels made in Creative mode, or play on random levels.

Does this mode need a goal?

Team survival mode

Same as Survival mode, except players are divided into two or more teams.

Fortress mode

After having built a level in Creative or Survival mode, you and your friends connect to another fortress made by some other people. The map gets bigger so it fits both maps, and you play a game on this map. Perhaps Capture the Flag, perhaps something else

posted 14 years ago