Working on a Friday update, crying over paypal

I’m working on a Friday update which will include several minor but frequently requested updates.

My development speed has taken a major toll with all the recent developments, as I’ve been in meetings every day this week except for today. I keep telling myself it’s for the best so I’ll have plenty of time to do actual development later on, but at the moment it’s a bit frustrating. And exciting. At the same time. :O

And.. Paypal. On the 25'th, they limited my account for unspecified reasons (a suspicious withdrawal or deposit! wow, thank you for that amazingly detailed information), and asked me for a bunch of vague documents. I did my best to give them what they asked for.

My account is still limited. I’ve called them three times, they keep telling me it’s being reviewed. Most recently they told me it’d take up to two more weeks for it to get resolved, and that if they decide something bad’s being going on, they’re going to keep the money.

There’s over 600000 euro in there. Money I was planning on investing in the new company.

I’m sure it’ll get sorted out, but this is kind of frustrating.

[edit:] Just to clear things up: I withdraw everything from paypal every week. They limited my account just as sales started spiking, so this money has accumulated since they limited the account.

posted 13 years ago