Ok, multiplayer was boring, but here’s water.

I SHOULD have been working on the the multiplayer code today.

I got as far as handling basic client connections and message sending when I got bored and started playing around with water. First I made the entire level surrounded by huge ocean, then I implemented a basic water tile that will spread to nearby empty tiles, just to test how well it works.

There’s no water pressure yet, so water won go back up after going down, but it does fill the level fairly well. It’s becoming obvious that my cell update code is horribly inefficient, as the game really grinds to a halt when there’s water pouring in from all sides. In an attempt to work around this, I made the water update not quite as often, but claim large chunks of air when it does. It’s not very pretty, but it seems to work.

A youtube video is coming in a few minutes. It also shows off my new level generation code. =D

posted 14 years ago