Seecret Friday 9! OooooOOOoo! And Minecraft Alpha 1.1.0! And Minecraft Server 0.2.0!

The Seecret Friday part ended up being extremely tiny this time around, but that’s because I made sure to add this:

+ Added server-side inventory
+ Made the server save player locations when they leave the server
+ Made chests work in SMP
+ Made signs work in SMP
+ Made furnaces work in SMP
+ Added monsters=false to You can turn it on for experimental monsters, but you can’t hurt them directly yet. (Fire works, though!)

But this is NOT SECURE YET! I decided to just focus on making it functional first so I actually got it out.

I’ll work on inventory security and server-side health management next week. Server-side health means you’ll be able to fight monsters and perhaps even other players. :D


Oh. My. Dog. I need to invest in a better server solution RIGHT AWAY, like next week! Please be patient while the server tries to keep up with sending out all the updated clients!

posted 13 years ago