Under pressure

I don’t think I’ll be adding water pressure after all. There’s so much interesting stuff you can build when there’s no pressure.
However, I am going to have to solve the infinite water issue. Right now, water flows in from the sides of the map, filling everything on the same level and lower.
If I use the same system all over the place, a tiny 1x1x1 lake at a high level has the potential to flood the entire map. That’s not good.

The best solution would probably be something like checking if each water tile is connected to a water source whenever it flows, and remove the original tile when it flows if it isn’t, but that is horribly inefficient, not to mention that a single 1x1x1 block of water in a big pool would just kind of wobble around randomly.

I’m kinda playing around with the idea of using the falling height of water. If it falls more than, say, three tiles and hit another water source, it wouldn’t spread across the surface of that water, but would instead turn into a waterfall block. If the top of a waterfall block is ever not water or waterfall, it’d be removed.

posted 14 years ago