My list on tile types so far

This is not final, but here’s what I’ve gotten down so far:

Tile types:
Snow (on top of topmost tiles)
Ice (on top of water. Slippery!)
Glass (pretty much just for looks, I guess?)
Ore (only iron?)
Metal block
Wood (trees as well?)
Crystal (not sure if it has a use, but imagine finding a large slab of crystal under ground!)
Coal (Combine with iron ore for steel!)
Corals (awesome idea, solarblade)
Crops on farmland
Watered farmlands (automatic near water)
Spikes (not 100% sure about this)
Stone bricks in colors
Cloth in various colors (could make for nice carpets and tapestries!)

Interactive tiles: (Not certain, nor very well thought through)
Pressure plate (Sends a pulse through all neighboring wires when stepped on)
Lever (sends pulse when interacted)
Wires going in various directions (sends pulse when a pulse is received)
Pulley1 (pulls blocks up when a pulse is received)
Pulley2 (pushes blocks up when a pulse is received)
Explosives (blows up when a pulse is received)

Thanks for the great suggestions!

posted 15 years ago