Three man strong!

As of today, Mojang Specifications is three men strong! Me, the other secret guy with the game idea we’re going to make, and Daniel Kaplan.

Daniel will be in charge of the business side of things, and will help organize actually getting this company started.
I asked him to write a short introduction:

Hi cyberspace!

My name is Daniel Kaplan and I and 24 years old. I have been dreaming and playing games for as long as I can remember. This little post is about me so you Minecraft players can get to know me and get in touch with me.

I will start off with where I come from and who I am. I am born and raised in a small town called Skövde in Sweden (between the big two lakes). I have played games my whole life and it all started with a little NES and Super Mario Bros. 2 The whole experience that I could manipulate a TV (I didn’t know better at that time) was really exciting and it hooked instantaneously. This eventually led to where I am today. I have always dreamed of designing games for Nintendo but I guess that dream has to wait for a couple of years :)

Prior to my new job at Mojang I was running an indie dev company called Ludosity ( with my friends that I met at the University of Skövde. The biggest title we have created yet is Bob Came in Pieces that you can find on Steam (but soon some even cooler projects will be announced!). It has really been a great time with both ups and downs and I felt that it was time to move on. To be honest, the current team at Ludosity is probably the best. We managed to hire Daniel Remar ( how cool isn’t that? During my time at Ludosity I got the honor to work and get to know a lot of great people and I hope that we can cooperate in the future with Mojang in some way.

At Mojang I will work with different things. First I need to get to know you guys and your needs and what makes Minecraft special for you and how we can make Minecraft an even better game! So my first days at Mojang will be to look for alternative solutions for Paypal and I will eventually also take on the support so Notch can concentrate on what he does best: code and design Minecraft :) The whole thing with me getting hired is that Notch can now concentrate even more on Minecraft and create a better experience for you guys and I will take care of non-coding stuff. I know I will have a blast with you, and Notch and I are really looking forward to working with you guys.

I also wrote something similar during my time at Ludosity so you can read even more about me there:

And if you still feel like you need to know more about me (or just want to say hi) you can contact me on: [email protected]

Thanks for now and don’t hesitate to get in touch :)

posted 13 years ago