Penny Arcade and Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Can’t.. must.. the air.. lung.. thing… wait..


Ok, so Penny Arcade put up a new comic. It’s about Minecraft. And it says Part One. After Part One, there usually is a Part Two! OR MORE!
Check it out:
(I’m not sure if I’m allowed to reproduce it here or not, so I’ll play it safe and just link them)

And then Rock, Paper, Shotgun is doing an ongoing series on Minecraft called Mine The Gap (har har!). It’s up to Day 3 now, but if you scroll down to the bottom on this page, you can read it from the start:

(And I must say that the painterly pack is looking mighty good in some cases.. Seeing it in RPS reminded me to talk to rhodox.)

As for development, I was going to update the game yesterday, but kind of forgot.. I’ve fixed furnaces in SMP and added volume and mouse sensitivity sliders in the options. I’ve got TWO meetings today despite me trying hard not to have any at all, so the Friday update will probably happen at around midnight my time.
I do realize that the sooner we get all these talking to banks and accountants sorted out, the sooner the company can get started, but I do miss development..


I think the meetings got cancelled! :D

posted 13 years ago