Seecret Saturday update!? Also, tutorials.

I need rest! (technically food and beer) I’ll finish the update tomorrow instead.
I’ll add crouching, which will prevent you from walking over an edge, to make up for the late release. :D

I had an interesting idea on how to teach people the crafting in Minecraft. The first thing that’s needed in any case is something that tells the player to press “I” to access the inventory. Once that is up, there could be a small “recipy” icon in the upper right corner. Pressing that opens up a tech tree with everything except wood planks grayed out into mysterious question marks. Hovering the wood planks shows the recipy (tree trunk -> wood planks!), and if the player completes that recipy he unlocks the next recipes in the tech tree thing. The recipes link into each other in somewhat logical ways, and can be non-crafting things like showing that a better pickaxe is requires to get ore, or that ore in a furnace produces ingots.

Note that you don’t actually HAVE to unlock anything in the tech tree to be able to craft those things, it’s just meant as a way to show people what can be made, and add some kind of exploration to it.

Once we have achievements, one of them can be for completing the entire crafting tech tree. :D

posted 13 years ago