Seecret Saturday 1! But I failed Biomes AGAIN!

The update is out, and I guess the biggest feature is Sneaking. Press (and hold, for now) shift to move slower. You won’t make sounds, and you won’t crush plants, and you won’t fall off ledges.

The big feature was supposed to be biomes. Again. And again I had to abort and rollback the code to get a release out. Again.
I must stop trying to do it in a single sitting. Now I’ve spent almost two full days on it! I won’t work on it again until I can dedicate an entire week towards it.
The main problem is that the transition between different biomes looks horrible. It’s either a chaotic wasteland of random blocks, or a sharp border of sudden ice. Actually generating the biomes themselves is interesting, and I can reuse a lot of the ideas from indev with the different level types. The floating island biome is kind of slow to generate, because it adds a second pass to fix waterfalls along all the edges.

The hell biome will be used for an alternate fast travel dimension. Have you read Wheel of Time? That.

There are a couple of other new things hidden in this release, but nothing game changing.

posted 13 years ago