Regarding the Grayscreen issue

There was briefly a version of Minecraft up that included some gamma slider debug code I had written. For some people, running that version of the game set the gamma and contrast on the video card drivers to 0, causing a gray screen.

For a few of those people, quitting the game didn’t help.

For a few of THOSE people, not even rebooting the computer fixes that problem.

I’ve been looking into what can be done to fix this, mostly by conversations on twitter (thank you, TomFratelli and TobiiDK and others), and here’s something you can try:

If you’re getting the gray screen bug even after a reboot:
(assuming windows)

1. Boot your computer in safe mode. See this page:

2. Right click on the desktop, go into the ATi or NVidia control center. Go to color or gamma settings, and reset everything to the default values.

Alternatively, putting the computer into standby mode and waking it up might help.

There might be more information here:

posted 13 years ago