Exploding power surges, batman!

Multiplayer was a huge success. There are a few lag issues, but nowhere near as bad as I feared it might’ve been.
Unfortunately, after a not as long test as I had hoped, the power went out in most of the northern suburbs of Stockholm, knocking me more offline than I’ve been for years. It was dark and lonely. :-(

As for the multiplayer, there’s still work to do:

* Interpolate other player positions
* Make the server not trust the client. The client will send keypresses instead of absolute positions.
* Add client previews for building/destroying blocks. This will remove 90% of the perceived lag.
* Player names! I’d rather not make them float over the heads like some other games do it, but I need to show them somehow.
* Chatting
* Custom player skins
* Server configuration (port, max players, map source (load from network, create a new?)
* Online server list. All running servers will report in to the master server if they’re not set to be private. Users will see a list of all servers on minecraft.net

Once the multiplayer server’s been released, I can start work on survival mode and more game features, and perhaps even look into finite water.

One major problem I see with multiplayer is that flooding caves is faar too easy and faar to destructive.

posted 14 years ago