Multiplayer results from last night

I haven’t checked the response from irc yet, but my impression of the test is that the server ran great without crashing, and there was no going out of synch with the client predictions. (If anyone can formally prove that this can never go out of synch, I’d looove it)

The main problems were:
* Some clients stopped updating their positions. I don’t know if they stopped sending moves to the server (seems unlikely), or if the other clients freaked out on the interpolation. There’s some code in there to interpolate faster if there are many queued moves, that’s probably related to the problem.
* There’s a very long lag whenever a player connects or the server saves the map. This delay is currently just over 200 ms and is all map compression. If two players connects at the same time, and the server saves the map (done once per minute, at the moment), there’s a pause of close to a full second. Obviously, I need to speed this up.

posted 14 years ago