Multiplayer direct url changes

My previous release broke support for connecting directly via ip, so I’ve fixed that:

1) Download the new
2) Change “verify-names” to false in the properties.
3) Tell people to surf to &port=

When verify-names is enabled, it only lets people join who are logged in on the web page. Technically, it works thisly:

* When the game server starts up, it makes up a random string.
* The game server sends this string to the server.
* When a player connects via the site and is logged in, the servers calculates the md5 sum for +, gives this to the applet, which in turn gives this to the game server.
* The game server calculates the same md5 sum as the server did, and compares that these two are the same.

Flawless or what?

posted 15 years ago