The week that was

A lot of stuff happened this week! On Monday, we tried negotiating the office we wanted, but they refused to sign it for less than three years. Signing for three years as an upstart is a bit scary, as that’d mean we could neither grow nor shrink during that time. So we’re still looking for an office.

I was supposed to go and talk to Ericsson about some things they’re developing that could be interesting for Minecraft, but I had to cancel it. They called me yesterday and gave me some more details, and it sounded really interesting!

Me and ez went and looked at a location for our wedding next year, and fell in love with the place. It’s got a great view of the water, is fairly central in Stockholm, and has two freaking saunas! TWO! What’s even cooler is that they’ve got space for all guests to spend the night if they want to.

We met and spoke with two different artists about possibly hiring them. Both are really talented and seem eager to get involved. Hopefully we can get this sorted as soon as the company is in place.

For the company, we’ve spoken to lawyers and are currently working on getting it all actually registered and in place so we can start paying salaries and so. Transferring everything I made in my own private company over is going to require some paperwork to get correct.

I also participated in a podcast or two, and did a couple of interviews via email. I had to cancel a real-world interview yesterday morning because I had to catch up on sleep.

Usually, I make sure not to work on weekends as much as possible, but I’m making an exception to talk to a game developer/backend guy tomorrow. I’ve met him a couple of times before, but I won’t say that I think he’d be a great fit, as that’d give him a really good position when negotiating . ;)

I probably forgot a few things..

posted 13 years ago