(First of all, sorry about the masturbation joke in my last post. It’s currently my favorite joke. :D)

It’s 10 pm. In 10.5 hours, we will leave for Arlanda Airport. Soon thereafter, we will fly to Las Vegas!

The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful and emotional in many ways, and I feel so relieved to finally have a finished version of Minecraft to release to the world on Friday. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop working on Minecraft! We’ll keep adding to the game just as we have so far, and we have many exciting plans for the next year.. some of these will be announced fairly soon.

One thing that kind of fell between chairs is the mod support.. Sorry about that, I take full responsibility for letting that get forgotten about. But when it comes to the new launcher, it got folded into a new exciting project I won’t talk about yet.

But back to Minecon! For me personally, it’s going to be three full days of chaos and fans, which will probably leave me extremely tired. Then there’s a big party with a huge celebrity act playing. And then I get to relax. I plan on playing a LOT of games this winter.. Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third, Diablo 3, Skyward Sword, and biggest of all, Skyrim.

Skyrim, SkyrimSkyrim Skyrim Skyrim SkyrimSkyrimSkyrim. Skyrim.

posted 12 years ago