Day 1 - The Arrival

The phone alarm rang at half past seven in the morning. Two hours later we were at Arlanda Airport and met up with the rest of the Mojang Team. We did some last minute shopping (power plug converters and toothpaste), had breakfast, then got on the flight to Heathrow Airport where we bought even more power plug converter thingies.

The second flight went all the way to Las Vegas. I have to say, British Airways has fairly decent airplane food, and the business class seats are amazing. I played some Skyrim on my MacBook Air, but I had turned down the settings so low the game actually became a bit annoying to play. In large indoors areas, the entire far area of the room would unload and just look like a skybox. So I gave up on that and played VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy instead. Luckily, I had brought an XBox 360 controller.

In Vegas, there were limos waiting to drive us to Mandalay Bay. Me and Elin got a really nice corner suite with a 180 degree panorama view of Las Vegas. We got a few free awesome rooms because of the convention, so I made sure to grab a good one for myself. Carl got something called a “presidential suite”, which everyone assumed would be a huge suite with lots of space. Turns out it was way smaller than the one me and Elin got, but we still had the first mojang gathering in Vegas in that room. There was pizza, fries, buffalo wings, dip sauces, and plenty of beverages. Deadmau5 was there and we talked a bit about the party on Saturday, which is going to be incredibly awesome.

Danny Baranowsky and Petri Purho stopped by, and Kyle Whatshisface from J!NX decided to tackle hug me while I was just barely able to stay awake. That was about my cue to head back to the hotel room and try to get some sleep. ;)

It’s not 3:30 am, and the jetlag is playing with me. I’ve never been more awake in my entire life.

Also, please vote for whatever game you think is the best one here: ;D

posted 12 years ago