Day 4 - The End

I am incredibly tired right now, so this might be a bit short. ;)

Breakfast was at 8 am, being filmed by CNN. People were looking tired, but happy, and me and Jakob had bacon with far too much Tabasco sauce on. Then I went and did an interview with CNN, finishing with playing some Minecraft next to a fan. I went back to signing stuff for two hours.

Then there was the charity lunch. The food was excellent, and everyone there had paid a lot of money that later got donated to the Make A Wish Foundation. I ended up signing even more stuff at that lunch.

After lunch, I did an interview with Machinima, followed by me heading over the backstage area of the closing session thing. I got even more things to sign there, for IGN and something else I forget what it was. The closing session got delayed 20 minutes due to total chaos, but we eventually got on stage and thanked everyone for coming, thanked the sponsors, gave away a huge fake check to Make A Wish, and brought a guy and his girlfriend up on stage for a proposal. She said yes.

And then we were done. We had some beer and champagne, and now we get to rest. Elin and I just ordered room service, and will take a short nap.

Then there’s the party tonight. It’s going to be crazy.

<3< /p>

posted 12 years ago