Three quick reviews

Movie: Drag Me to Hell

You can really tell this is a Sam Raimi movie. There’s a lot of playfulness, a few genuine scares, and best of all, the plot is sinister as hell.
If you like classic horror movies more than the torture movie trend of the last few years, you have to see this.


Game: Ghostbusters

With two notable exceptions (Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis), the entire cast of the originals is in this one. It’s got the original writers as well.
Plotwise, it suffers somewhat on forcing in opportunities for fans to relive their favorite scenes from the original game. Why exactly would gozer return as stay puft?
The game plays mostly like a generic shooter with various weapons and upgrades, but it all handles very well. The MOST fun is with the proton ray, however, which is also the first weapon you get. The game really shines when you’re trying to wrangle a ghost into a trap.


Sport: Amateur Paintball

Running around in woods with a helmet and a gun never was this fun before. Sure, the balls go in mostly random directions just vaguely in the direction you aimed, and yeah, the face guard helmet thing is kinda disgusting and prone to fog up.
But wowzers! Shouting at one of your teammates to cover you while you make a rush for a boulder like you have any idea what you’re doing is very fun when the penalty of getting hit is actual pain.
There’s no real tactics though, and not seeing where people are isn’t much fun. There should be a goal other than tagging the entire opposing team, but that might make the rules too confusing for some.


posted 15 years ago