I love Team Fortress 2

Back before the Orange Box, I kept hyping TF2 to all my friends. I had played a lot of TF and TFC back in the day, and I knew TF2 would be the greatest thing ever. My friends humored me and got it on the beta with me. And my god was it awesome. It was awesomer than awesome!

Way later, I went through this period of not really enjoying TF2 as much as I had. After spending hundreds of hours on a game, I guess that’s bound to happen.

A while back, I started playing it a bit now and again to see what was new. And it scared me a bit. The game I remembered with sentries glitched under the floor and sidecrits wasn’t there. Now it was all swords and space guns and engineers protecting spots nobody was playing anywhere near. But something was there. It was still fun.

Then I got invited to play in the third TF2 Mixup (watch it here) with a bunch of famous TF2 personalities. Robin Walker, my third favorite person at Valve, was there, and kept killing me with his super hax. And by golly did I have a great time!

So I kept playing, and I kept having fun. Playing with ez in the other room is lots of fun, and the game seems to for some reason have gotten a lot easier since it went free to play. Ahem. I got the Primeval Warrior after a while, and felt special.

Then I got this:


Hooooly cow. Thank you, Valve.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of medic I get now. Also, spies.

I am never quitting TF2 again, and you should all go buy it right away. How much is it, you ask? It’s FREE! YES!


Check this out!

posted 12 years ago