Calm before the storm?

Perhaps this is the calm before the storm, but I’ve got a nagging feeling I’ve just been neglecting the blog.

I am still alive, and I’m working hard. Not as hard as I should, mainly due to a cold and me having the apartment for myself this week (yay, coding in my underwear!).

We’ve signed the papers for the company, and we’ve found an office. We haven’t signed the office yet, but it’s perfect for us and as long as the owner wants us, we’ll take it. Mojang is now six people strong, three programmers, one pixel artist, one CEO and one Business Developer. It’s likely we’ll grow even more in the near future, but this will get us started nicely.

I was going to send a sneak preview of the Halloween update to a certain website last week for an exclusive preview, but I missed that date pretty bad. I will try to get that update out as soon as possible. The update is going well. There are six new block types (five of them have unique abilities), one new monster, a new dimension, and a couple of bug fixes. Once I get the portals working, I’ll have something very interesting going and I’ll spend the rest of the time leading up to the release adding new smaller features and polishing stuff.

And fixing bugs.

posted 13 years ago