Weekend activities

On Saturday, we spent some 5-6 hours in a real life meeting room with almost everyone (the pixel artist was missing) in the company, going through everything that’s going on and trying to work out where we want to go. It was a really productive meeting, and we’ve got a few ideas we want to do.

One of them will be to introduce Jeb (the new programmer, will be working web development and helping out in minecraft) and Jakob (the game developer/designer/programmer who will be leading the new game). They will both write a short text introducing themselves and I will post it here. You might already have seen Jeb around the community in different places.

We will eventually set up a company wide blog somewhere where everyone can post. Perhaps this is a chance to finally use mojang.com for something. There’s no real plan to migrate away from this blog, so we’ll see how things play out. I like this one too much personally to just quit it!

One fun thing about starting a new company is choosing your hardware. I went for a “decent gaming computer” with “dual widescreen monitors”, and a Logitech MX518 mouse and a Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent. I guess I’m really picky when it comes to input, but I don’t really care about the rest, heh. :D
The two business/management-people went for MacBooks. Of course.

And finally I’d like to recommend two awesome new indie games:

Super Crate Box (Windows) by Vlambeer
Available for absolutely free here: http://www.supercratebox.com/
Super Crate Box is an action platformer based around a fairly simple mechanic. Pick up a crate to get a point, but when you do, you replace your current weapon with a random new one. You can either kill enemies or just avoid them, and the crates spawn in random location. It gets really hectic after a while, but it’s very rewarding.
A controller (like an XBox 360 controller) is highly recommended.

Super Meat Boy (XBox 360 Live Arcade) by Team Meat
Available for a small pile of Microsoft points on XBox Live Arcade
Super Meat Boy is a frustration platformer based around being amazing. You play an extremely fragile chunk of meat, wall sliding, sprinting and jumping across a scary large amount of levels. The level design is amazingly perfect, and the game is filled with homages to other games.
You will die a lot, though.
Fun fact; the Minecraft guy (Steve?) might make it in as an unlockable character in the pc version :D

posted 13 years ago