We’re hiring. You should work here.

We’re expanding!

Exciting new projects, a very successful first year, and a much bigger new office means we’re going to grow into a slightly larger company. Right now we’re about 12-15 people, depending on how you count, and we want to grow to “a bit larger”.

To apply for a job, go here:
(Note that we’re only looking for developers at this point)

Here are the top five reasons you should work at Mojang:

5) We’re less serious than many other companies. We rely on having a pool of talent rather than long discussions, and make decisions very organically and spontaneously.

4) We encourage people at Mojang to speak publicly about what they do and have a personal connection with the players.

3) Tobias Möllstam

2) We have mandatory gaming Friday afternoons. Working after lunch on Fridays is frowned upon.

1) Mojang’s mission statement is “Mojang shall be the most influential indie game development studio on Earth”, and we intend to live up to that. I kid you not.

posted 11 years ago