Throwing in many more hours, and survival mode plans

Starting August 1, I will shift around my working hours around some. I will work part time at my day job (, check us out!), and part time on Minecraft.
This means several days per week will be dedicated just for Minecraft, and development speed will pick up. =D

My immediate schedule is as follows:

Today: Spend time with Elin. :D
Tuesday and Wednesday: Survival mode coding
Thursday through Sunday: No More Sweden
Next week: More survival mode!

For surival mode, I’m planning on starting with resource management, health, a simple monster, fighting, and probably bows and arrows. Once these things are in, I think I’ll have a good base to keep expanding from.

Server modding will be in the form of Lua, will be fairly extensible (you will be able to make your own game modes), and will come sometime during beta.

Survival Mode testing will only be available for paying customers at first, but I will open up the testing after a week or so. The reason for this is to give pre-purchasers another little thank you.

Just a small heads-up: When the game is finally released, free players won’t be allowed to play full survival mode or any server mods.

posted 14 years ago