Great success!

Today I signed the papers for the office in the morning! We’ll move in there January 1! YAY!

When I got back home, I totally rewrote how the hell/normal plane transitions work, and cleaned up the code quite a lot. You’ll get more information about exactly how it works soon, as I’ve sent out a sneak peek build to two different gaming news sites.

The portals have a neat particle effect to them as well, and the transition is sufficiently cheesy.

Biomes got a bit of extra work as well, with the grass/leaf colors more correctly representing both temperature and dampness of the region, and the monster spawning code getting moved into the biome code. Right now, it’s all enemies in most biomes, except the hell biome where there’s only ghasts and zombie pigs.

I’m looking for a good new name for “hell”. I want to avoid simply re-using existing religious names, it would be more creative to have something original. At the moment, I’m considering both “The Slip” and “Nexus”, but neither feels minecrafty enough.

Also, the Zombie Pigs have a very very gory skin at the moment, but I will change that into something that doesn’t have blood in it. It’s more fun to be scary without blood.

posted 13 years ago