Sickness, Sprint and Speakers

I spent most of the weekend in our awesomely comfortable sofa, eating painkillers and helping the NCR take control of the Dam. My best guess is that I had a cold of some kind. It probably started last week when I actually spent my days working with other people for the first time in many months.

Today was the second day in our office, and we got started with our first sprint (we’re doing Scrum, you see). We’ve ordered a huge fancy cork bulletin board to keep the sprint task note thingies, but for now we just keep the notes on a desk.

Getting organized like this is a bit scary and unusual for me, but I think it’s a definite good thing in the long run, especially once we start developing a proper product backlog. It turned out I had forgotten a couple of features for SMP health. Getting physical notes to move around helps a lot for motivation and keeps me focused on the task, though, so I think this will improve my development speed. (We used scrum when I worked at Jalbum). Today, despite losing much of the day to a meeting, an interview for ABC and helping Jakob pick out glasses, I managed to finish falling damage, fixing the respawn bug I was struggling with last week (the most robust way to fix it was to send new spawn location coordinates to the client and trigger a local respawn instead of trying to quickly move the respawned player to the correct location), and implementing drowning.

Oh, and we bought speakers. Music is important, and does wonders for the mood in an office. We’ve set up a public shared Spotify list. Feel free to add music to it that you think we’d enjoy, or that might make us laugh, and we’ll listen to it tomorrow.
If someone’s deleted everything on there or anything like that, feel free to fix it. :)

posted 13 years ago