Bug update #1. More coming tomorrow

There were some pretty severe bugs with players respawning, which I’ve spent most of the day today fixing. I’ve solved a lot of them, but I noticed that the respawning player can still fail to see other players in the spawn area under some circumstances.

Instead of delaying the bug fix update until tomorrow, I decided to release what I’ve done so far now today. I’ll fix the remainder tomorrow, and also work on a few more bugs I’ve gotten told about (thank you very much for the organized lists!).

The server has been updated to 0.2.5_01, but it’s not a mandatory update.
The client will auto-update to 1.2.3_02

Speaking of which, I will make the client updater ask the player before applying new updates. Automatic forced updates are scary, and they were only in because they were convenient and I never thought about it.

posted 13 years ago