Bug fixing made fun

Set set up an account with Get Satisfaction, and the bug reports and feature requests have started dropping in. I’ve spent most of today chewing through bugs and marking them as fixed on the buglist, and it’s heaps of fun!

In the past, I had this vague kind of stressed out feeling, not being sure what bugs bothered people the most, and which ones I kept forgetting about, but now I can just refer to the list and do the top one.

It’s highly likely we will start doing all bug reports and feature requests (and praise! and questions!) via Get Satisfaction, so check it out!


We’ll probably be looking for community help to organize that and weed out duplicate reports and so.

So far today, I’ve done this:
* Swords and other weapons now deal damage properly
* Added proper hurt animations and sounds to mobs and players
* Fixed dead players logging in as invisible ghosts
* Made arrows visible and deal damage
* Hoes now produce proper seeds
* Creepers make noises and animate before exploding
* Explosions animate properly
* No more infinite free arrows

I’m currently working on trying to fix levers, pressure plates and buttons in SMP. They act a bit weird.

Because the update will require updating both the client and the server, I will wait with doing the update until I’m done with this round of bug fixes, so the update is coming tomorrow.

posted 13 years ago