So what will be in the Survival Mode test?

I’m leaving for my dad’s place for the weekend now, so no more updates on tumblr. I might still tweet, though.

As I’ve underestimated the amount of work needed for survival mode, it won’t have everyting, but:

What is already done:

  • Random mobs roaming the land
  • Resource management (need to gather to be able to use)
  • Falling damage, drowning damage, lava damage on both the player and the mobs
  • Attacking causes damage to both players and mobs
  • Very limited signs. Press H to spawn a sign with a fixed message.
  • Anaglyph 3d mode

What will be done:

  • Eating mushrooms regains health
  • Death animations on monsters
  • Pigs dropping meat on death. Eat meat for even more health
  • Some kind of goal so you can compare how well you’re doing with others, and so there’s something to play for.
  • Bow and arrow. You’ll start with a bow in your inventory
  • Better mob AI

What (almost certainly) WON’T be in that should be in, but I might add any of these if my monday or thursday coding sessions are extra productive, but that’s not a promise:

  • Crafting
  • Good mob AI
  • More mobs
  • New block types
  • Everything else

Any suggestions as to what a good in-game goal might be for the test?

posted 14 years ago