Bug update #4, and we’re six people in the office now!

Client version 1.2.5
Server version 0.2.7 (not mandatory, but you might want to update anyway)

* Fixed a rather bad memory leak bug in the server (entity position updates accumulated in orphaned player objects)
* Riding carts and boats now works properly when you travel long distances.
* Harvesting crops no longer yields fake seeds
* Removed /home (sorry!)
* Snowballs again!

I will start looking at server-side inventory soon in an attempt to reach beta soon.
I’ll also fix mob jump animations in SMP, the ugly black lights, and make leaves decay again. Once that’s in place, BETA! :-D


In other awesome news, today was Jens and Junkboy’s first day at Mojang. There’s a consultant here as well, so we’re six people crammed into a slightly chaotic room. January 1, we’ll have access to the entire office. Carl (the CEO) will join us not long after.

If you’re curious, make sure to check out Jakob’s biweekly dev diary on pcgamer:

posted 13 years ago