Bug update #5, and we need videos

Client version 1.2.6
Server version 0.2.8 (not mandatory)

* Added /kill command. Does 1000 points damage to the player
* Did some patching client side to prevent duplicated entities
* The join server page now remembers the port as well as the ip
* Fixed a bug where joining a server on a specific port caused the client to forget all keybindings
* Added lakes and rare lava pools, both on the surface and randomly in caves.
* Fixed a crash bug when destroying the vehicle from under a player
* Players connecting to a server or respawning are invulnerable for three seconds

We’re working on tweaking minecraft.net a bit, and we need to replace the YouTube video on there. But it turns out nobody here is good at making videos, and you guys are just awesome at it. We need your help!

We’re looking for one video for the front page that sets the mood of the game and sells it well without being too cheesy, and for one tutorial type video on some help page somewhere. We have some requirements:

* No custom texture packs, it should show off the “raw” game
* No video effects like bloom or blur
* No copyright protected music
* You’ll have to tell us that we can use your video

So if you have anything good, or if you want to make anything new, please email us ([email protected] and/or [email protected]), and we’ll select a few nice ones and possibly rotate them every now and then to keep the page fresh.

We’d appreciate it a lot!

posted 13 years ago