Tuesday update

I spent today poking at paypal and trying to fix the performance issue in Survival mode.

The good news is that it’s now 40% faster (for me) thanks to some terrain rendering optimizations. The bad news is that it’s still way slower than Creative mode. The good-again news is that I now know why; it’s the mobs.
It might seem obvious, but it turned out more complicated than I thought.

I get about 110 fps on one spot on the map.
Turning off the mob AI has almost no impact on framerate (up to 112 fps). Turning off mob rendering has a small impact (up to 120 fps). So I concluded that mobs don’t slow down framerate as much as I feared.
But when I tested with adding no mobs, the framerate went up to 480 fps.

Turns out the big performance thief is the code that prepares mobs for rendering after they have been deemed to be on screen. This code contains things like leaning the mob if it’s hurt, flashing if invulnerable, and calculating the body/head turn, but does no actual rendering or actual game logic. I’m stumped as to what’s causing this slowdown, but I don’t have time to look at it until tomorrow afternoon or Thursday.

It’s going to drive me insane until then.

posted 14 years ago