Server-side inventory and websites

(A lot of my blog posts have “and” in the title!)

I’ve been working on server-side inventory, but progress has been slow and agonizing, mostly due to the first version of inventory just being a GUI hack. I got almost nothing done yesterday, but today I will roll up my sleeves and just dig in. The first step will be to commit everything to our brand new version control system (git), the second step will be to start screaming out loud (“aaaaaaaaa!!”) and just start typing code randomly. That should do it.

Jens have been working with a consultant (did we mention we need to hire more people?) to create a slightly better version of the website, with additional payment provider support, somewhat saner design, and the ability to buy and redeem gift codes in time for X-Mas. It’s highly likely that we will keep redesigning the website for a bit.

A big “thank you” to everyone who emailed about videos! :D We got a LOT of submissions, and I think we’re set for a while now.

And on a personal and political note, I just like to say that what’s happening with Wikileaks now is a disgrace, and a sign of how little freedom and democracy we actually have. Freedom of press is one of the most important concepts we have, and it’s not only being eroded away, it’s getting assassinated in broad daylight.

posted 13 years ago