Slowly coming crawling back

Hi! Sorry about not updating last week.

No excuses, other than I’ll mention that Rock Band Unplugged is amazing. Oh, and at one point there were Rum drinks.

Anyway, here’s the results of the performance optimizations:

Rendering the terrain on my computer takes about 2.5 ms. That means a potential max of 1000/2.5 = 400 fps in creative mode with no mobs.
Rendering the mobs and other entities took 10 ms. I optimized that down a bit to 8 ms, but it still means a maximum of 1000/(8+2.5) ~= 100 fps in survival mode.

So I had to add distance clipping to entities to make large maps playable. This means objects will become invisible at a distance derived from their bounding box size. So small resources will only be visible a short distance, while huge dragons will be visible across the entire map. The upside of this is that performance scales O(log n) with entity count instead of O(n) as it used to do before.

And I changed my design around to always have GL_TEXTURE_2D enable (and disable it ONLY when doing untextured stuff) since most polygons are rendered textured anyway. This change removed about a billion state changes per frame, since I kept enabling/disabling it a lot.

Let’s see.. what else..

Creepers will no longer blow up rock and other rock like materials!

posted 14 years ago