Survival mode updated, free testing for everyone!

Survival mode has been updated and is now out of closed alpha and is not in open alpha. That means that anyone can try it, even if you haven’t even signed up on the site.


+ New creature: Spider. It jumps.
+ Mining rock gives you cobblestone instead of flat rock
+ Mining ore gives you that resource instead of the ore
+ Mining coal gives you stone slabs, for stair building (temporary until crafting)
+ Creeper explosions no longer destroy rock
+ F5 toggles a rain rendering effect
+ You can turn on or off the frame rate limiting in the options
+ You start with 10 TNT blocks. Hit them for maximum fun.
+ A bunch of minor tweaks


* Old saved games might not work. If you’ve got a save that doesn’t work and you want it to work, please don’t save over that slot and come talk to me on irc. I want to fix this.

I will update the creative mode client tomorrow, on Sunday, or at the latest on Tuesday, depending on how buggy it is. Servers will have to be updated as well to support the new tile types.

posted 14 years ago