The skinny on the creative mode update

The bad:

  • Left click = remove block, right click = add block. Just like in survival mode. So no more mode toggling. This can mean a lot of right clicking if you do a lot of building, but I think it’s best to keep a uniform control scheme.
  • When you stand near/inside another player, it pushes you away slightly. You can still walk through people, but they feel slightly more “solid” now. Unfortunately, this can be used to grief. I’ll take it out if it gets abused too much.
  • All servers have to be updated for the new block types to work.

The good:

  • I get a lot better fps in creative mode than I do in survival mode, and than I did in the old creative mode client.
  • Several new block types
  • All the fancy new client features, like anaglyph 3d, view bobbing, the new tile outlines.

Still left to do before the release:

  1. Fix bug where middle clicking a block not in your inventory does nothing. It’s supposed to replace with the clicked texture.
  2. Comment out all local level saving/loading code, so I can finish this update today. There’s no way I can squeeze that in.
  3. Update the server code, test locally that it works.
  4. Update the client. You won’t be able to play on old servers from here on out.
  5. Invite people to come play on my server to make sure it still works.
  6. Release the server

posted 14 years ago