Some people have asked me why the survival alpha is free

And also, why they paid if I was going to make it free.

First off, I apologize that I wasn’t more clear about survival alpha being free for everyone after a few weeks of being exclusive for paid accounts.

The reason it’s free is to get as much feedback as possible on it, so I can fix bugs and tweak gameplay as good as possible. Once the game is done, it will not be free, except in the form of a limited demo.

I will give more benefits for paid accounts, like an early exclusive survival mode test before beta. I will also have to remove the ability to save levels online for free accounts because the hard drive is filling up pretty fast, but I can’t do that until I finish the local saving/loading.

And besides, once the game is done, you get the game. That’s what you’ve really paid for. :-)

posted 14 years ago