Creative mode client update and Server update

Client fixes:

  • Other players in multiplayer should now be facing the right way
  • You can now toggle rain in multiplayer as well
  • No more arrows in singleplayer
  • Fixed the bug that made it impossible to destroy admin blocks

Server fixes: (Server update isn’t mandatory)

  • Trees won’t grow unless you set grow-trees to try in the server properties
  • Opping and/or de-opping a player will update their status immediately without them having to relog

I need to spend some time cleaning up my code base. The creative mode/survival mode merge made it really ugly. I will get that done this week, then get back to survival mode coding next week, starting with items and the inventory screen, then doing crafting. I will also look at finite water with waterfalls and so.

Once survival mode works in single player, I will make it multiplayer and let paid customers play it exclusively for a week or three. After that, I will probably make it an open beta if more testing is needed, but no promises.

Did I miss any serious bugs or introduce any new ones?

posted 14 years ago