Looong Monday

It’s 11:35 pm and I got home not long ago. Today was spent mostly with working on server-side inventory. I ran into some problems with an earlier assumption that all popups would be simple containers, so I had to move some code around to make it popup centric rather than container centric. Each popup can have multiple viewers now, which is nice. Primarely it will be for multiplayer, but later on it can be used for AI or Modding as well.

Jens and Daniel also stayed late today. Daniel did a bunch of support and worked on the ThinkGeek thing (a press release is coming, woo!), and Jens worked on some gui stuff and language support for Minecraft.

We hope to get the website updated within a few days. This will be some minor prettification, and we’ll start selling the gift codes. Codes bought before beta will count as Alpha codes no matter when they’re redeemed, so you can use those for xmas gifts.

posted 12 years ago