What I’ve been doing for the last couple of days

GameJolt is running a minimalistic game compo, and I thought I’ve give the “minimalistic gameplay” angle a shot. Here’s what I whipped up over the last couple of days:


Today I’ll continue on the code cleanup project, which is baadly needed. The plan is to split the code up into several separate projects with hierarchial dependencies. The core basic one will just be a basic data container and level loading/saving.

Minecraft.World - Just the data, and loading/saving that data.
Minecraft.Client - Rendering, interpolation, user input, server communication
Minecraft.Server - Hosting a headless game and sending updates to that world over network.

I’m trying to work out if I should put game logic in World or in a separate project. If I put it in a separate project, it’ll be easy to write new game logic, but I have to do a lot of annoying tile type bindings when I could just stick it the initial definition in World.. hmm.

posted 14 years ago